Case Studies

Just Mike's Jerky

Location: Ohio, USA

Application: Beef, Pork, Chicken, & Seafood

Equipment: MD230-Gas (FDG5000) Indirect Gas-Fired Dehydrator

“We process beef, pork, chicken, and seafood products, and Nyle’s dehydrator provides the control we need to reach required water activity levels while preserving the product quality our customers demand. This is a great machine, and the service provided after the installation has been really helpful. I plan to buy more soon.”

- Mike Fullard, Owner

Cosmo's Superior Foods

Location: Indiana, USA

Application: Gourmet Pet Treats

Equipment: (2) FD24 & (1) FD60 Heat Pump Dehydrators

“We purchased two FD 24 dehydrators to support our growth over the past decade, and we’ve just ordered a larger one to install in our newly expanded facility. These machines are serving us very well.”

- Sean Litke, Owner

Fortune Specialty Coffee

Location: Honduras & Guatemala

Application: Cherry Coffee Beans 

Equipment: MD120 & MD220 (FD145 & FD225) Heat Pump Dehydrators

“Nyle showed me that they possess the design expertise, process knowledge, and logistical capabilities to support my business in Honduras, so I was happy to buy machines for Guatemala.“

- Rubén Sorto, CEO 

Raw Food Central

Location: Connecticut, USA

Application: Healthy Snack Foods

Equipment: FD60 Heat Pump Dehydrator

“We currently have two large Nyle systems in our processing area and are very happy with the equipment! Additionally, we really appreciate the professionalism, thoroughness, and expertise that the Nyle Team brings to our business.“

- Josh Griffing, President


Location: Maine, USA

Application: Ready-To-Eat Meals

Equipment: FD60 Heat Pump Dehydrator

“We could not be happier with our FD60 Dehydrator from Nyle Systems. Overnight we increased our production 4X’s from what we were dehydrating in 2 conventional dehydrators. At the same time, we have cut our electric bill by more than 50% with what we would have spent with 8 conventional units. As soon as we can, we are getting a second one.“

- David Koorits, Founder

Niagara Christian Gleaners

Location: Ontario, Canada

Application: Up-Cycled Fruits & Vegetables

Equipment: (2) MD120-Gas (FDG1000) Indirect Gas-Fired Dehydrators

“We found that the system was easy to use, consistent, and simple to train staff on. With a small full-time team and many rotating volunteers, reliability, and ease of use are very important. Each cycle of the system is easy to program on the touch screen controls, and each product is dried to the specs and time we anticipated.”

- Pete Wierenga, General Manager 

Okanagan Gleaners

Location: British Columbia, Canada

Application: Assorted Vegetables

Equipment: MD120-Gas (FDG1000) Indirect Gas-Fired Dehydrator

"The supply, installation, and support from Nyle Systems was near perfect. I can also report that our gas usage and electrical costs have been dramatically reduced with the new dryer, resulting in a 63% savings in natural gas and a 34% savings in electrical consumption… I would be happy to recommend Nyle Systems to anyone."

- Mark Price, 1st Vice President

Royal Ridge Fruits

Location: Washington, USA

Application: Cherries

Equipment: MD230-DH (FD675) Heat Pump Dehydrator

“Our Nyle Dehydrator can dry all of our cherries and berries, and the fruits hold their flavor and texture. The machine is easy to use and is very energy efficient. We’re very pleased with its performance.”

Abel Esqueda, Production Manager

High Quality 
& Efficient Dehydrators 

High Quality & Efficient Dehydrators 

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