FDG600 Indirect Gas-Fired Dehydrator

FDG600 Indirect Gas-Fired Dehydrator: Enhanced Efficiency & Control

The FDG600 Indirect Gas-Fired Dehydrator is Nyle's answer for businesses seeking an efficient, large-capacity dehydration system. With the ability to remove significant moisture, it's perfectly suited for various products, from fruits and vegetables to herbs and meats. The FDG600's spacious chamber, accommodating up to 18 racks, offers a substantial 1170 sq ft of drying space, blending high efficiency with versatility.

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Advanced Temperature Control for Optimal Performance

The FDG600 is characterized by its broad temperature range and adjustable control features, offering both precision and flexibility in the drying process. Its ability to reach temperatures up to 220°F makes it ideal for various drying tasks, ensuring product quality and safety. This advanced control system enhances drying efficiency and ensures compliance with food safety standards.

Model Details

Burner Output:

800,000 BTU/h

Operating Temperature:

80°- 220°F ( 26°- 104°C )

Loading Capacity:

18 Racks, 360 Trays, 1,170 Sq ft

Circulating Fans:

One 25 HP Plug Fan


Two 30" x 30"

Loading Space:

15' 2" D x 5' 7" L x 6' 0" H

Total Footprint:

25' 0" D x 6' 3" L x 11' 0" H

Power Options:

480V Three Phase, 50/60 Hz

* Load capacity is calculated based on standard rack dimensions of 26” x 20 3/8” x 69 1/2” with 3” layer spacing and 20 trays per rack.

Engineered for Reliability and Food Safety Compliance

Constructed using food-grade materials, the FDG600 ensures the safety and quality of dried products. Adhering to the highest food safety standards, this system provides users with confidence and peace of mind. Nyle Dehydrators further supports this model with expert installation and committed service, ensuring optimal operation of the dehydrator.

User-Friendly Interface with Advanced Capabilities

The FDG600 merges user-friendly operation with advanced technology. It features a sophisticated touch-screen controller and provides remote monitoring capabilities, allowing users to manage their system efficiently. This integration of user-friendly design and technological sophistication makes the FDG600 a top choice for businesses valuing both convenience and control.

Robust Construction and Expert Support

The FDG600, like all Nyle dehydrators, is built to last, with every component replaceable, ensuring it's not a disposable product. Known for their longevity, these units are designed for decades of use. Nyle Dehydrators offers exceptional over-the-phone technical assistance, with the experts who build the machines providing direct and reliable support.

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