FD24 Heat Pump Dehydrator

FD24 Heat Pump Dehydrator: A Compact Powerhouse

The FD24 Heat Pump Dehydrator is engineered for businesses that demand high efficiency in a small footprint. Capable of removing up to 24 lbs of water per hour, this system is ideal for drying a variety of products, including fruits, vegetables, pet treats, and meats. Its compact design does not compromise on performance, making it a versatile solution for different drying needs.

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Financing Available: Payments as low as $2,095/ Month. 

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Built for Quality and Safety

Constructed with food-grade materials, the FD24 ensures the safety and quality of the dried products. The system complies with the highest food safety standards, giving users peace of mind. Additionally, Nyle Dehydrators provides expert installation and dedicated service support, ensuring that your dehydrator runs optimally.

Model Details

Water Removal Rate:

24 lbs/hr

Operating Temperature:

80°- 180°F ( 26°- 82°C )

Loading Capacity:

8 Racks, 160 Trays, 520 Sq ft

Circulating Fans:

Two 24", 1 HP


Two 12" x 12"

Loading Space:

8' 2" D x 5' 2" L x 6' 0" H

Total Footprint:

15' 6" D x 5' 10" L x 9' 5" H

Power Options:

220V Single Phase, 60 Hz
480V Three Phase, 50/60 Hz

* Load capacity is calculated based on standard rack dimensions of 26” x 20 3/8” x 69 1/2” with 3” layer spacing and 20 trays per rack.

Enhanced Temperature Control for Optimal Drying and Safety

The FD24 Heat Pump Dehydrator stands out with its tailored temperature control. It operates effectively within a drying range of 80 - 160 degrees Fahrenheit, ideal for a wide variety of products, ensuring both quality and nutritional preservation. Additionally, the system can reach up to 180 degrees Fahrenheit, a crucial feature for fulfilling bacteria-kill step requirements. This dual capability not only enhances drying efficiency but also assures adherence to stringent food safety standards, making the FD24 a versatile and reliable choice for businesses focused on productivity and compliance.

User-Friendly and Advanced Technology

The FD24 Heat Pump Dehydrator combines precision drying with energy efficiency and user-friendly technology. It allows for exact control over temperature and humidity, ensuring consistent, high-quality drying results. This efficiency not only lowers operational costs but also aligns with eco-friendly practices. Simultaneously, the FD24 features an advanced touch-screen controller and remote monitoring capabilities, offering a convenient, technologically sophisticated solution. This combination of precise environmental control, energy savings, and easy-to-use, advanced technology positions the FD24 as an ideal choice for businesses seeking both performance and convenience.

Durable Design and Expert Support

Everything in a Nyle dehydrator unit can be replaced. This is not a disposable product. We know that people run even our smaller units well into their second decade, and we build them to last. In addition, we offer technical assistance over the phone. The people who build our machines handle service calls, so you get the straight talk when needed.

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