MD-Series Modular Dehydrators

MD-Series Modular Dehydrators

Traditional batch dehydrators often lack the flexibility businesses need. Our MD-Series offers the perfect solution, allowing you to customize size, features, and more to perfectly match your drying needs.

This translates to improved efficiency, enhanced product quality, and reduced costs, all while being easy to maintain and clean.

Our modular dehydrators are built to last, are energy-efficient, and are safe, making them the perfect fit for any business.

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Introducing the MD-Series: 

Embark on a journey of innovation with the MD-Series, a groundbreaking development in advanced dehydration technology. Designed to cater to the evolving needs of growing industries, the MD-Series is more than just a dehydrator; it's a comprehensive solution offering flexibility and control.

Whether you're in the food industry looking to preserve the freshness and flavor of your products or in an industrial setting where efficient drying is critical, the MD-Series stands as your ideal partner. Its modular design paves the way for a new standard in dehydration processes.

Fully Customizable to Meet Your Needs

Introducing the MD-Series dehydrators, a product line ingeniously crafted to evolve with your business's dynamic demands. Our offering is segmented into two distinct product lines: the 100-Series and the 200-Series, each uniquely designed to cater to varying scales of operation and customization needs.

Choosing The Right Size


Discover the future of dehydration with our 100-Series, a game-changer in the industry. These innovative single-width modular units offer unmatched flexibility, allowing customization of up to 4 distinct zones to meet your specific dehydration needs. 
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Elevate your drying capabilities with our 200-Series, designed to redefine productivity and efficiency. Doubling the drying space of our 100-Series with its innovative "Dual Width" design, the 200-Series significantly enhances your output. 
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Choosing the right modular dehydrator size demands thoughtful consideration of current drying needs, future growth projections, and available space. Keep in mind that the perfect size strikes a balance between present demands and future expansion. By carefully evaluating these factors, you can confidently make a choice that will serve your business for years to come.

Available Energy Options

High Efficiency Heat Pumps



Water Removal Rate:

145 lbs/hr

225 lbs/hr

Operating Temperature:

80°- 180°F ( 26°- 82°C )

Power Options:

480V Three Phase, 50/60 Hz

Indirect Gas-Fired Burners


Energy Output:

1,600,000 BTU/h

Operating Temperature:

80°- 220°F (26°- 104°C)

Power Options:

480V Three Phase, 50/60 Hz

Optimal Air Circulation for Consistent Drying

The cornerstone of effective dehydration is consistent airflow, and the MD-Series excels in this regard.

Each zone is equipped with three robust 36-inch fans and two strategically positioned vents, creating a harmonious balance of air movement.

This advanced circulation system ensures that every part of your product receives equal exposure to the drying process, eliminating hot spots and uneven drying. The result is a uniformly dried product, retaining its quality and extending its shelf life.

Precision Control at Your Fingertips

In the world of dehydration, control is key. The MD-Series is equipped with state-of-the-art electronic sensors that provide real-time data on temperature and humidity within each zone.

These sensors enable you to make precise adjustments, ensuring optimal conditions for each product type.

Whether you're drying delicate herbs that require lower temperatures or robust grains that need more heat, the MD-Series gives you the power to control these variables with accuracy and ease. The intuitive control system not only simplifies operation but also empowers you to maintain the highest quality standards.

High Quality 
& Efficient Dehydrators 

High Quality & Efficient Dehydrators 

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