FD Heat Pump Dehydrators

FD-Series Heat Pump Dehydrators

Nyle heat pump dehydration systems precisely control temperature, humidity, and dwell time to reduce product moisture content while maintaining quality characteristics such as color, texture, nutrients, and essential ingredients. Heat pumps are the perfect drying technology for applications including healthy snack foods, meats, seafood, and pet treats where low temperatures and humidity control are critical.

Each system includes a heat pump unit, an insulated drying chamber, air handling components, and PLC-based electrical controls with an operator screen. Heat pumps are very efficient and only need electric power to operate, eliminating the need for fossil fuels and associated airborne emissions.

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How Our FD-Series Heat Pump Dehydrators Work

Heat Pump dehydrators work differently than conventional dryers. For both systems, the air is heated to the desired drying temperature and then circulated over the product to absorb moisture.

However, instead of exhausting this hot, moist air as typical conventional dryers would, heat pump dehydrators draw the air over the cold coil of a refrigeration system, where the moisture is condensed from the air and drained away.

The air is then drawn over the hot coil of the system to reheat it and sent back over the wet product.

This cycle repeats until the product has reached the desired moisture content. During this process, the energy used is only what is necessary to operate the compressor, blower, and circulating fans, resulting in up to 60% less energy than conventional dryers.

Product Models


Water Removal Rate: 24 lbs/hr
Load Capacity: 8 Racks, 160 Trays, 520 sq ft
Loading Space: 8’ 2” D x 5’ 2” L x 6’ 0” H
Total Footprint: 15’ 6” D x 5’ 10” L x 9’ 5” H
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Water Removal Rate: 60 lbs/hr
Load Capacity: 18 Racks, 360 Trays, 1.170 sq ft
Loading Space: 13’ 0” D x 7’ 7” L x 6’ 0” H
Total Footprint: 22’ 4” D x 8’ 4” L x 10’ 8” H
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What Capacity Do You Need?

Which water removal rate best fits your process? Ideal rates are highly product-dependent. However, it can be calculated with three measurements of your existing process: product wet weight, product dry weight, and time from wet to dry.

By finding the product weight change (wet weight minus dry weight) and dividing this by the time measurement (in hours), you can find the average water removal rate (in pounds per hour) occurring in your current process. Next, you can scale this number based on the amount of wet product you wish to start with or the amount of dry product you want to end with. Now, you need to decide how much drying area you need.


Nyle Systems FD heat pump dehydrators’ controllers are the best in the industry. Each unit comes with an intuitive touch screen controller programmed with flexible drying scheduling software. Drying schedules can be saved and modified as necessary and remote access is available as long as there is an internet access point.

High Quality 
& Efficient Dehydrators 

High Quality & Efficient Dehydrators 

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