Dehydration Equipment

FD-Series Dehydrators

Nyle heat pump dehydration systems precisely control temperature, humidity, and dwell time to reduce product moisture content while maintaining quality characteristics such as color, texture, nutrients, and essential ingredients. Heat pumps are the perfect drying technology for applications including healthy snack foods, meats, seafood, and pet treats where low temperatures and humidity control are critical.

MD-Series Dehydrators

Experience the next level of dehydration with the MD-Series. Traditional batch dehydrators often lack the flexibility businesses need. Our MD-Series offers the perfect solution, allowing you to customize size, features, and more to perfectly match your drying needs. This translates to improved efficiency, enhanced product quality, and reduced costs, all while being easy to maintain and clean. 

FDG-Series Dehydrators

FDG Indirect Gas-Fired Dehydrators are different from other gas-fired drying units. Unlike a direct-fired machine, the burner is fired into a tube-type heat exchanger; therefore, the products of combustion do not come into contact with the product in the drying chamber.

System Capabilities

Our units are built with the world in mind. We leverage state-of-the-art equipment and exceptional logistical capabilities to deliver high-quality dehydrators to clients across the globe.

Our turnkey systems come equipped with a high-efficiency heat pump unit or indirect gas-fired burner, air delivery and distribution components, a sealed chamber, and a programmable PLC with a touch screen.

Every Nyle Dehydrator is designed to meet stringent criteria for water activity, moisture content, and surface appearance, ensuring your dehydrated products achieve optimal quality, safety, and extended shelf life.

By guaranteeing these critical factors, Nyle dehydrators become the perfect choice for dehydrating:

Fruits & Vegetables

Meat, Fish, & Poultry

Pet Treats/Food




And More!

Our Advantage

Precision Control

Our systems provide control of temperature, humidity, and airflow, as well as flexible scheduling software.

Remote Access

Users can remotely and securely access their system’s controls using a smart-phone, tablet, or computer.

Consistent Results

Our systems provide superior efficiency while also meeting proper shelf stability and food standards.

High Quality 
& Efficient Dehydrators 

High Quality & Efficient Dehydrators 

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