Capabilities & Applications

Product Models
  • Preserves essential nutrients

  • Maintains vibrant color and texture

  • Dries natural or infused products used in baked goods, food bars, trail mixes, and more

  • Dry fresh, diced, sliced, or whole vegetables.

  • Maintain vibrant color and essential nutrients

  • Dried vegetables are used in relief meals, ground into powder, etc.

Meat / Poultry
  • Dries beef, pork, chicken, fish, and other products like deli meats, pepperoni, and salami.

  • Reduces water activity to shelf-stable values.

  • Also dries plant-based jerky products.

Healthy Snacks
  • Ideal for drying items such as; granola bars, trail mixes, kale chips, and fruit leathers.

  • Preserves flavors and nutrients.

  • Dried to shelf-stable water activity.

  • Maintains color

  • Preserves flavor profile

  • Smooth taste

Pet Treats
  • Ideal for drying kibble, treats, rawhide, bones, and more.

  • Preserves flavors and nutrients.

  • Products are dried to shelf-stable water activity levels.

Upcycled Foods
  • Turns “waste” food into dried products used in relief meals.

  • Maintains flavor and essential nutrients.

  • Adjustable operating conditions to dry various products

  • Used for dehydrating ingredients in meal bags & kits.

  • Products are dried to prolong shelf life.

  • Flavor, texture, and nutrients are maintained.

Our Dehydrators are designed and manufactured using state-of-the-art equipment, and our logistical capabilities allow us to build and install dehydrators for clients worldwide. The units are designed to dehydrate products to meet specific criteria, such as water activity, moisture content, and surface appearance. These criteria ensure a product’s quality, safety, and shelf life. By meeting these critical criteria, our systems are ideal for dehydrating:

Product Criteria

  • Color

  • Texture

  • Water Activity

  • Brix Value

  • Moisture Content

  • Surface Appearance

  • Essential Nutrients

How Our Systems Work

High Quality 
& Efficient Dehydrators 

High Quality & Efficient Dehydrators 

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