Another Nyle Dehydrator Will Help Feed Populations in Need

March 2, 2023

March 2023 – Nyle Systems is pleased to announce the receipt of an order from Kalamazoo Valley Gleaners for our FDG 1000 Dehydrator used to dehydrate fruits and vegetables that will be distributed to populations in need. Demand for dried shelf-stable food has increased due to the pandemic and wars overseas, so Kalamazoo will use the dehydrator to fill a critical need.

The new dehydrator will dry “upcycled” fruits and vegetables that would otherwise be discarded.  Local farms will donate products to Kalamazoo’s facility in Michigan, where volunteers will wash, cut, and load the pieces onto trays and racks, which are then placed into the machine.   The dried product is packaged and delivered to relief agencies that distribute the food to malnourished people.

The FDG 1000 (30 rack capacity) is a popular dehydrator for gleaners, as three other units have been delivered to these faith-based organizations.  The machine includes an insulated food-grade housing with air distribution components that provide uniform treatment air to all pieces of product, thereby reducing moisture content, ensuring prolonged shelf stability, and maintaining product characteristics like essential nutrients and color.  The heating is performed by indirect gas-fired stainless steel heat exchangers that prevent products of combustion from entering the treatment space.  A PLC, which controls the functions of the machine, may be accessed remotely using a phone or computer so that operators may monitor and control system operation while away from the dehydrator. In addition, our service and engineering teams may gain access to the machine in order to provide immediate support in the event operators need assistance. 

FDG 1000 Dehydrator, 30-rack capacity

The new machine will be delivered to Kalamazoo’s new facility in the 4th quarter of this year, and Nyle’s service team will provide installation supervision and commissioning to ensure the system is up and running as quickly and safely as possible.

Kalamazoo Valley Gleaners is now in the process of modifying their building with the generous support of benefactors, suppliers, and volunteers so that the facility will be operational by the end of the year.  You can learn more about their plans at


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