July 3, 2024
We are excited to announce that Nyle Dehydrators will be participating in the Institute of Food Technologists (IFT) First Event 2024, held from July 14-17 in Chicago, Illinois. As industry leaders in advanced dehydration technology, we look forward to showcasing our innovative solutions at booth #2469. Our team of experts will be on hand to...
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February 20, 2024
As we gear up for the PetFood Forum in Kansas City, Nyle Systems is excited to showcase our FD Heat Pump Dehydrators and MD-Series Modular Dehydrators, tailored for the pet food processing industry, with advanced low heat drying.  Heat Pump Dehydrators maintain critical quality characteristics such as color, texture, and nutrients, essential for high-quality pet...
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April 25, 2023
Nyle Dehydrators focuses their design efforts using information and data obtained from our customers (and using state-of-the-art design tools and fabrication techniques) in order to provide specific processing conditions for a wide variety of pet products.  Regardless of the type of product, whether it’s meat, chicken, sea products, treats, sticks, etc., one thing is clear...
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April 14, 2023
It’s just a little over two weeks until the 2023 PetFood Forum in Kansas City! Come visit us at booth 921 to learn how our easy-to-use Dehydrators allow you to regain control of your drying process, resulting in consistent and high-quality end products. We look forward to seeing you there!
March 20, 2023
Happy Day 1 of Snaxpo 2023! We are thrilled to be here among some of the biggest names in the snack industry. It’s always exciting to see the latest innovations and trends that will shape the future of snacking. We can’t wait to connect with other industry professionals, share ideas, and explore new opportunities. Let’s...
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March 8, 2023
We have less than two weeks to go until the start of Snaxpo 23 in sunny Orlando, FL! ☀️ We're thrilled to participate in this exciting event. If you're attending Snaxpo 23, visit us at booth 1338! Our team will be on hand to answer all your snack-drying questions and share exclusive insights into what's...
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March 2, 2023
March 2023 – Nyle Systems is pleased to announce the receipt of an order from Kalamazoo Valley Gleaners for our FDG 1000 Dehydrator used to dehydrate fruits and vegetables that will be distributed to populations in need. Demand for dried shelf-stable food has increased due to the pandemic and wars overseas, so Kalamazoo will use the...
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November 22, 2022
Nyle Systems is pleased to announce the opening of a new food drying lab that has been built to address the increased demand for testing and development of food products and other materials such as fibers, plant-based packaging, building materials, pharmaceutical products, etc., that require moisture reduction under the most precise and efficient conditions.  The...
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October 18, 2022
October 2022 – Demand for specialty pet treats has grown steadily over the past decade, and Cosmo’s Superior Foods, located near Indianapolis, has been producing these treats for consumers who consider their pet a member of the family. Cosmo’s recently purchased another Nyle dehydrator to address the increase in demand for their products, which includes...
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August 25, 2022
Nyle Food Dehydrators is pleased to announce that 4 of its food dehydrators, each powered by an energy-efficient heat pump, have been delivered to a processing facility in the central United States which will be used to dehydrate chicken products that are made into pet treats.  Each machine is an FD 60 Drying System with...
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