Canadian customer installs four (4) Nyle Food Dehydrators for processing upcycled plant-based products

June 29, 2022

Outcast Foods, a company that operates two processing facilities in Canada, has installed four (4) Nyle Food Dryers to dehydrate fruits and vegetables to make nutritional powders and ingredients.  All of the machines are capable of drying root crops, potatoes, and other organic products so that the final moisture content and water activity are low enough for the product to be stored or ground into a powder.  One of the machines is Nyle’s largest single drying chamber, capable of holding nearly 20,000 wet pounds of product in one batch, and the other dryers are the popular FDG series machine, two of which hold 21 racks of product and one that holds 30 racks.

Outcast is a sustainable food tech company that makes food out of irregular produce that would otherwise be wasted and delivered to landfills.  The team at Outcast works with farmers, processors, and retailers to rescue their less-than-perfect supply and puts it into their innovative process where it re-enters the food supply chain as gluten-free, sugar-free fruits and vegetable powders.  Outcast’s operations include sites in both Ontario and Nova Scotia.

Together with our partners and customers, Outcast and Nyle are creating a sustainable future that will ease food insecurities and lower the carbon footprint of the food supply chain.

Nyle Systems is a growing, innovative company that develops, manufactures, and sells heat pump-driven, energy-saving products for the food processing industry.  At Nyle, our mission is to enable energy efficiency and the electrification of industrial and commercial processes, allowing our customers to transition towards a renewable, sustainable energy system.

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