International customer orders two more Nyle Food Dehydrators for their facility in Guatemala

March 9, 2022

The first two machines were installed in Honduras in 2020.

February 2022 - BioFortune Group, a coffee, upcycled food, and ingredient manufacturing operation based in Honduras, has purchased two more large dehydration systems from Nyle Food Dehydrators that will be delivered to a new facility in Guatemala in the third quarter of this year.  Both machines are energy-efficient heat pump systems with drying chambers designed to meet capacity and quality requirements for drying cherry coffee beans, ginger, and other high-end crops. 

Rubén Sorto is the CEO of BioFortune Group, and as the leader of innovation in his field, he has developed new processes (currently under patent application) for specialty coffee production, as well as for products with high market value, creating new revenue streams for small coffee farmers; he has also focused on innovating in the coffee value chain and other crop production, with value propositions such as precision agriculture, controlled fermentation, traceability systems and post-harvest/food technology for specialty coffee production, creating unique flavors and aromas, as well as a nutraceutical and functional foods.

Sorto is investing heavily in equipment such as milling and a concentrate production line that both rely on products that are dried in the Nyle dehydrators.  “The dryers are a key part of our process,” said Sorto.

Sorto’s company purchased two (2) dehydrators in 2019 to dry products at their facility in Honduras.  One of the systems is an FD 145 heat pump with a drying chamber, and the other is the larger FD 225, also with a drying chamber, to dry loads of over 3 tons per batch combined.  Each heat pump delivers precise temperature and relative humidity control in a sealed drying chamber where the product is dried under controlled conditions to maintain quality characteristics such as color, flavor, and essential nutrients.  A PLC controls all systems functions with a touch screen that easily allows operators to change operating conditions for different products.

“Nyle showed me they possess the design expertise, process knowledge, and logistical capabilities to support my business in Honduras, so I was happy to buy machines for Guatemala.  We consider Nyle to be our partner as we grow, so we’re excited about this new project with them.” 

In addition to designing and building the systems to meet Sorto’s production requirements, Nyle will arrange overseas transportation, provide installation supervision at BioFortune, and commission both machines to ensure that operating conditions are optimized.  Nyle engineers and technicians can also provide post-installation support by accessing the controls of the systems remotely in the event that operators at the facility need assistance.

The equipment is scheduled to ship from Nyle’s factory in Brewer, Maine, in the fall of 2022.

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